Thursday, February 4, 2010

What Type Of Hair Myamee Have What Type Of Hair Would You Call This?

What type of hair would you call this? - what type of hair myamee have

My hair is similar to the picture, but thicker) (and brown. Would you say that his hair slightly wavy?

I only ask because I want the kind of iron-and-white get. Thank you! ...


meagan said...

Eh boring straight hair.

Ester said...


I do not know what that means, but I have a wonderful plate that works in all types of hair, even my hair (), the curly and soft. I have a CHI hair iron is hot and makes the hair soft and silky. The CHI hair iron is used in every room I went.
I command (if you're in Canada)
O (if you live somewhere else)
Smoothing is only $ 69.99 and is great.
It is wide and ceramic 1''de. Get the original is black, because it is cheaper and the cost of the paint.

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