Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Afraid I Have Inflammatory Breast Cancer I Was Diagnosed With Mastitis, But I Still Have A Small Lump..afraid Of IBC?

I was diagnosed with mastitis, but I still have a small lump..afraid of IBC? - afraid i have inflammatory breast cancer

A few weeks ago I went to the emergency room because a developed directly on a piece of my nipples are red and swollen and painful, and raised the glands under the armpits and was painful. They have a culture (what God awful pain was), and managed to suck the liquid ... Tests are like a staph infection (mastitis) ... So it was a bad cook .. Although there is no drainage ... . .. BC angry that I was a baby I was put on antibiotics (Bactrim), and yes, it worked, the symptoms are almost gone ... swollen glands, but they are more painful .. just added ... and the lump in my breast was reduced to a small bucket .... My concern is that still there ... Perhaps this scar? or mastitis may be a symptom of inflammatory breast cancer? I have a Bartholin's gland cyst on my ... Why the hell are my glands get blocked? its so weird. I would like opinions

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