Saturday, February 13, 2010

Is A Unity Candle Necessary Is The Unity Candle Necessary?

Is the unity candle necessary? - is a unity candle necessary

We're getting married outside, so I do not know what it could have the candles! I know it's something traditional, but I'm not too big on this point. So it is really necessary?


Mutchkin said...

The unity candle wedding that I have in my family, the transition from the phase of the wedding of my cousin was. It made sense, but they are not required.

After a wedding in the outdoors can also cause difficulties. There are several things you can do if you wish. Some people want to lei to one of the set, "Two One" will be in a speech, while others with the basics of voice and lol, I can stay around the neck as a form.

lady_jhe... said...

No, it is not. And the light of a candle (and hold) outside the home can be a challenge to the do not want to negotiate.

You could use a sand-pouring ceremony, the same idea of the unity candle. Each vial of sand in different colors, each of you to pour together into a larger glass mixing of two colors. You can see where symbolism is meant here.

Or just not that. Ever

It's your wedding, you get to decide how to develop the ceremony. Their voices to the music, which up to you. Do what reflects you and your husband loves the most.

And fun.

STRESSED spells DESSERTS said...

Not really. My brother and his wife did not have a ceremonial unit of any kind, my husband and I decided to take a hand in honor of our heritage, the Scots-Irish. It's just you and your husband what to do or not do will be.

Good luck and congratulations

Darlene L said...

I do not have the water rich unit, because he had two memorial candles (both parents died) and was a wedding in the open. Instead, he gave a red rose that my mother and my aunt. I have my mother stood up and said 'I love you mom and I gave her a red rose (on his aunt very close) and said that I love.

The Divine Bubba Blue said...

It is not at all traditional. Not exist before the 1980s. If necessary, every married person in front of approximately Married in 1984.

Miss_Au... said...

It is not necessary and most do not. Many churches are not as religious backgrounds.

shihtzul... said...

No, not sand the thing. They are relatively new "tradition" and some churches do not recognize anyway.

RedRabbi... said...

If you do not want not.

wilo_chi... said...

Do something America has never been here, and I do not know what is

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