Monday, February 22, 2010

Climbing Harness For 50 Inch Waist Pack Goat Question!?!?

Pack goat question!?!? - climbing harness for 50 inch waist

I have a great package of Boer goats large 50-inch (375 pounds) and I will be charged every day around 50 kg of equipment, training, and even mounted if I climb on my back, I sit and right shoulder in front of the deck play, and can result in a race to the halter and rope. If the total weight of the backpack and my horse says Oury same as 240 pounds and led for 3 years and the vet couldnt be his leg joints and back, in better health, but my question is: Sometimes I just want to take your parcels and a walk outside the camp and what the general public that the people traveling, goats, asked himself the title? (And nobody said I know nothing about goats, or I should not ride goats, because I led for 15 years, and I know that tGoat safer and easier to bear the weight and has not yet appeared, or if it wouldnt let you do damage to me, in fact, it wouldnt take the management, reining in the positive it is safe to see and do not abuse and that my vet out, also once a week for a review)
Here's a picture of my goat is # 5359614604368522034

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