Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Girls Pee In Toilets Free Video Streaming I Have Noticed Lately There Seem To Be Bubbles Floating In My Pee?

I have noticed lately there seem to be bubbles floating in my pee? - girls pee in toilets free video streaming

I was really disgusting, but your audience will be some time before me. Sometimes when I go pee pee in my bladder. I searched the questions and I know not to talk about bubbles in my urine breaks down quickly in the bathroom, it is as it bubbles in the container with urine and free-floating, almost as if it is Gell. Well, of course I can not piss a freeze, but sometimes it seems that my pee separation. yellow fall to the ground and still illuminate the top and looks like this is not the same consistency as water, as if they mix food coloring in the amount of flowing water, unless Shak stirring or higher. No smell of pee, and not his pain. It does not happen all the time not.

not sure if this will help:
I just had a baby girlAfter 10 months earlier. I have no STDs, I'm sexually active and not put to the test if I am pregnant. I am currently perscribed phentermine by the doctor. I am to taking metformin and Prozac as well, but havent been for about a month or two. I drink no water to do as much as I, I'm sure I'm dehydrated, but not sure that is what causes the separation bubble and strange symptoms. only thing I said, shortly after the baby had gallstones, but she never had anything for him. I could not find anything that says what it does.

It makes me crazy, please help!


Betty M said...

Go see your doctor. His life is very important, especially for your child. We should never mess with symptoms like, ever.

The REAL Steel Deal!!! said...

Here ya go bubbles ...


http://www.medhelp.org/forums/urology/ar ...

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