Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Long Term Wig Storage How Do You Store Wigs Long-term?

How do you store wigs long-term? - long term wig storage

Well, I am with the treatment of cancer finally made it, my real hair is growing slowly and I do not wear my wig much more. "I've got a quality human hair wig was so expensive) helped pay (insurance and a summary given me hope, free hats.

I do not know enough (or maybe just a little superstitious) (completed donation mainly luxury goods) in the case of a recurrence of cancer and chemotherapy again someday. I was also a difficult period, wigs, the match was me (my head is small and most were too large caps), and I want to buy more wigs. But I do not see every day in the wells.

I would put them in the long-term storage, but EverytHing See online storage is short term and said, not in a box or a folder lock. What others do with their wigs when you are finished with them?

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