Sunday, February 21, 2010

Low Blood Platelet With Stomach Flu Why Does My Dog Have Bloody Urine? Can Anyone Provide Some Insight On The Results Of Her Blood Work?

Why does my dog have bloody urine? Can anyone provide some insight on the results of her blood work? - low blood platelet with stomach flu

We have a small Yorkie-Chihuahua mix a year ago and since then we have had him to the vet regularly to take everything from fever, eye infection, a gastrointestinal disease. Six months ago we noticed the urine becomes darker, and it indoors too much water for such a small dog, and brought her back and was prescribed antibiotics and diagnosed with Ehrlichia. He has worked for some time and had no major problems until urine began to appear in the blood, and when she returned immediately took to the vet us more antibiotics. Blood was returned excreted for a few weeks, until the blood in the urine. So I took her back and gave a urine sample and blood. The urine test was negative, but bloodTest showed that the ALT was 10-fold higher than normal, creatine is low in cholesterol is low, eosinophils were high, and platelets were low.

Our vet advised us to them on a daily regimen of 100 mg of SAM-e, 50 mg of doxycycline, 12.5 mg vitamin C, 250 mg of milk thistle and share, and 1 in the Yunnan Paiyao every 8 to 12 hours if we see Blood in the urine.

She is only 8 pounds, so he sleeps a lot, shedding more than usual and lose their appetite. Let's test this week for a Biolysis. They recommend that you use a Biolysis X-rays, then get an ultrasound to see if you do not see exactly what is wrong.

I wonder if anyone has an idea whether there's a witndeal teen dog with the same symptoms or had to be with a sick puppy.

It is heartbreaking, and I wish I could afford only the best medical care so that all ideas give would be helpful.

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