Friday, February 19, 2010

Pics Of Wheelies Shoes What Kind Of Pictures Are Not Exceptable To Prison Inmate?

What kind of pictures are not exceptable to Prison Inmate? - pics of wheelies shoes

What about pictures of alcohol are good enough to send pictures of drunkards?

Can you naked pictures?


Cattales said...

There is no nudity in general, unless a prison is very low, and even then I doubt it. When drinking the photos of friends and family, too, why do not happen. Remember, no e-mail is considered some random guards. If you send a sexy picture of you could be in about 400 pounds of ugly fat guy find portfolio.

ProZac CiTizEn said...

Well, when I was in prison, which certainly could be nude shots, but you must be over 18 years, can not touch the person in the photo and it can not always penetrate. Many of the photos from those who can not fly, it's a tattoo or gang behavior.

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