Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wheel Wash Is It Bad For The Rotors Or The Wheel/braking System If I Car Wash After Just Using The Car?

Is it bad for the rotors or the wheel/braking system if I car wash after just using the car? - wheel wash

Well, one must be very high as a problem. No matter how much traveling by car. If you are out of the car and take the garden hose. They have a little cold. It is safe.


Al said...

You'll be fine, these are some of the carbide rotors and a little water will not damage or break. How do you break the system, nothing will happen, whether it is soaked in the soap! The brake is a little slippery, then he should return to normal.

csnubl said...

Sure. This is no different than if you drive in the rain, or through a puddle.

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