Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Foto Wedding Program Di Mana Ya Tempat OK Di Jakarta Yang Cocok Untuk Foto Pre Wedding?

Di mana ya tempat OK di jakarta yang cocok untuk foto pre wedding? - foto wedding program

Kira-Kira and di mana yang photo account Prew OK utk di Jakarta sekarang ini? Krn klo dipikir2 PIK, KOTA TUA udah Biasa. Peterpan yang kayak Dipak sm Uki your account, you lumayan. Penjaringan di daerah Jakarta Utara. Tapi ga tau persisnya d. Cuma di Nonton TV: (
Trus yang ada daerah Kemang Bilang OK. Assume that your mana persisnya? Ada yang Pernah ga foto di situ?
Plz tell ..... Thx


wilem008 said...

Their Indonesia.

From what I know ... I think he asked himself, where you can go for wedding photos Jakarta?

It might be worthwhile to this question in the "Voyage" section - "Asia-Pacific?

STRESSED spells DESSERTS said...

Hmm ... Do not think many people know what they are referring to. I will leave after the wedding photos before them. Did you mean engagement photos? You can add images starts before the ceremony, then take pictures by it.

They should be random or write crazy language?

thischic... said...

The question that I categorized kyaknya Board d!

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