Friday, January 15, 2010

Runners Shorts Male Runners - What Kind Of Shorts / Support Do You Wear When You Run?

Male Runners - what kind of shorts / support do you wear when you run? - runners shorts

I began to take longer and longer and buy the best kind of shorts in demand. Should I point the running shorts with built-in brief? or is there something better? Thanks


n0witryt... said...

I like shorts with Coolmax inner brief, I would be the cheaper poly / nylon Shop could, and they were very good, but soft Coolmax was. Get a little on the large or which tend to ride and get stuck somewhere.

koolkid said...

feel that the shorts that are comfortable for you .. Length depends on your choice, but only shorts that are made specifically for racing. Adidas ClimaCool is as cool as you heat and sweat. and the Nike Dri-FIT, which are basically you dry while you sweat. and its always better to use a compression briefly below, select Nike ... under armor also works well.

Evan said...

I like the under armor pants
and yes, made in written form is the right way, because they roll over and the trouble
They also take the sweat of their legs itch so do not heat up and can cause convulsions

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