Thursday, January 21, 2010

Used Trucks Washington Why Would Geroge Bush Even Consider Letting Mexican Truck Drivers Start Driving All Over The US?

Why would Geroge Bush even consider letting Mexican Truck drivers start driving all over the US? - used trucks washington, 2933.2725 ...

Vote of the House plan to allow the Bush administration to halt Mexican trucks on U.S. roads

To delay WASHINGTON - The House overwhelmingly Tuesday to a plan of government, the Mexican trucks full access to U.S. roads.

The trucks should be declared safe first, "said the legislator, and Mexico would give U.S. truckers the same access south of the border.

The parliament voted 411-3 for a period of three years, the Department of Transportation limited pilot program to approve the opening of the border to 100 companies in Mexico would be. You would use a maximum of 1,000 vehicles under the pilot program.

The Bush administration wanted a pilot program this year would go for a year before starting the full opening of the border with Mexico trucks.

The House Bill, but firm criteria for the pilot program before they can begin, including the creation of an independent commission to evaluate the test program and certification by the inspector general thaIf the safety requirements and testing are met.

Thank you for voting in a certain sense, man!


housemou... said...

I can not explain why Mexican drivers should not be allowed in the United States ... Mainly because it is the same safety standards as my husband, the owner or operator must continue to operate on U.S. roads.

In addition to increasing rates of accidents, the insurance premiums that many Mexican drivers without insurance to cover damage or loss of life through unsafe vehicles and lack of experience on our roads caused.

Let Mexican companies, vehicles and drivers in the United States without having to operate with our laws and regulations will be a total disaster for the transportation industry in our country. I hope that stringent measures be taken before the plan is to continue.

stev said...

Okay can stop Mexican trucks - only if they promise to meet with illegal when they get home!

Anonymous said...

All this is referred to as part of the plan to remove the U.S. / Mexico / Canada border and the North American Union.

Have tried a few weeks ago U.S. truck drivers to keep to a meeting in DC and around the bypass. All the vehicles are empty. They were arrested by the police and given tickets, said they could not be there in the ring vacuum, without charges.

Rabid Frog said...

For $ $

Everything that is illegal, must do what is against our laws to benefit to the bottom line of big business.

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