Saturday, January 30, 2010

Best Step Team Uniforms What Was The Best Thing That Happened To Your Favorite Mexican Team In This 2008?

What was the best thing that happened to your favorite Mexican team in this 2008? - best step team uniforms

For Atlante, after 21 years of waste, measures Garc├ęs down and now tightened Atlante Athletica, which means that each year more new uniform shirt Atlante are common not happen today is the flea market more:)


cruzazul... said...

He has reached two finals and CD has the most beautiful in the world

Carolina H said...

The best thing that happened with my team is that, although it was shown that when the floor of the League of Mexico (America). It could become one of the Top 4 in North America and South America. by the semi-finals. Chivas, and it even managed to pass the group stage

that mexican said...

that the Pumas have reached the playoffs and was higher in the group and they have a great Champions League (CONCACAF) and was also higher in the group in this tournament =)

Pepe said...

@ Amethyst, why the hell you're so proud of Michael for his wounds 6 months?

I believe that Chivas had a good year, I believe that great leaders in the Apertura ended, and most people that we wrote, because there were too many young players Apertura but we have to go so well with league and we had a good cup of South America so I can not complain


Win classic!

Atlas Chivas 0-2
Chivas USA 3-2
Atlas Chivas 0-1
Chivas USA 2-0 (Friendly)
America Chivas 1.2

Arriba Las Chivas

Caroline @ H so it was removed, the goal difference in the Copa Libertadores.


When the U.S. beat Flamengo 3-0 in the semifinals and then Marcana than ever before in the fact that the "away goals" lost

AS CHIVAS lost 6-0 in the Copa Sudamericana, Latin was the worst team of 08, but never lost, ADB

eL tiro loko! said...

Drinking the classic [s], of course, showed it gila wassup
N goes to semi-finals in South America
lmao America, and again for millions of dollars for a team of shit hahahahah ASZ

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