Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wall Mount Utility Sink What Is The Type Of Utility Faucet Whose Pipes Extend Into The Wall?

What is the type of utility faucet whose pipes extend into the wall? - wall mount utility sink

I had a look at the plumbing before, but I hardly remember it, what the exact name. It was like assembling the base, but failed to come online. There is a sink and hot and cold water directly on the wall. It is leaking and needs to be replaced, but I want some online research to see if the plumber gave me a reasonable budget.

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brennema... said...

A wall TAP program ........ You can see exactly the same valve in a plumbing shop for, buy or merge files, usually 010 together, and all the old donut back on the size, compare the simple solution if you know how to pliers, goodluck.

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