Saturday, December 26, 2009

Nightmare Campus Megaupload Am I Normal? What Does This Nightmare Mean.

Am I normal? What does this nightmare mean. - nightmare campus megaupload

I am a girl and for some reason I dreamed I was a child. I dreamed I was living in a school for all children. I sat in the yard, and I noticed a girl on the entire campus, she stood in the window of a classroom. She smiled and she wore her elbows tight against his chest. and it frightened me. I smiled back. She pulled out of the window and heard a terrible noise.
I turn to the left side of the building and saw his performance in the elbow for me. Who has the source of the noise in the raw was pavement.
I tried to scream, but could not. Elbow and saw the blood crusts and discusting. It was almost to me and I saw that he was the lower half of his body. I woke up every fear in the middle of the night.

Please someone tries to explain to 10 liters of five stars.

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